About Us

Organic Black Hair Care, launched in 2020 by Dante Lee and Edwin Jardin, is an African American owned enterprise that aims to promote healthy, chemical-free hair care products that improve your appearance while simultaneously protecting your immune system.

When the Coronavirus pandemic first began, the two entrepreneurs took action in developing do-it-yourself products that can help people achieve their hair goals while keeping them safe. Many conventional hair care products can weaken your immune system because of the chemicals and toxins in their ingredients. All of their products, however, are plant-based, biodegradable, vegan and paraben-free. Also, they have not been tested on animals.

Lee and Jardin believe that giving back to the community is a simple act that can result in a big impact on others. That is why with every purchase from Organic Black Hair Care, they will make a small donation to a charity or foundation that is supporting the global Black community.